We are pleased to introduce ourselves: Annemieke van Balen and Joost Meulendijks. In Holland Annemieke was a handicraft-teacher and Joost's job was insurance agent. At a certain moment we both got ever increasing feelings of adventure, renewal, a different way of life. We both are sociality-lovers, who like to please other people. The idea of "chambres d'hôtes" began quicly to take shape. We went in search of a region, which suited us: unspoilt nature for walking, possibilities for the winter period, and not too touristic. In Cantal (Auvergne,France) we have found our particular place. In decembre 1999 we bought our "grange" and in may 2001 we started our "chambres d'hôtes.

We are glad to have taken this exciting step in our lives.



                                                              Walking in Cantal

                                   Walking in Cantal is a real relief. We are still amazed at the beauty of the unspoilt scenery,

                                                                 the flowers, the animals and the panoramic vieuws.


                                                       Peace, Space and pure Nature. What more could one want!

hotels in Auvergne for adults only


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